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The Law Office of Gregory Hagopian is committed to defending people accused of crimes.



Mr. Hagopian is the firm’s founding criminal defense lawyer and, in the Central Valley, one of only a few “California Bar Association Certified Specialists in Criminal Law.”

Mr. Hagopian has achieved standing as a certified criminal law specialist through more than 17 years of dedicated study and practice of criminal law. As a former California prosecutor, Mr. Hagopian has unique insights into prosecutorial tactics. He is knowledgeable, resourceful, and qualified to get you or your loved one through this tough time.



Mr. Hagopian is committed to doing everything in his power to protect your rights while working toward a speedy resolution of your case.


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"Mr. Hagopian is one of the finest attorneys I've collaborated with and hired."


"Very fine Attorney and Paralegal"


"Precise Professional Lawyer!"


"He is a fantastic lawyer!!!


"He works hard for his clients and truly cares about them."


"Mr. Hagopian was very knowledgeable & patient with me."


"I received a quick and easy resolve to my situation!!"


"Greg handled everything with knowledge, compassion, and intelligence."


"He's straight forward, honest and very professional."


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Most individuals accused of a crime have no idea how the justice system works. Hence, the inspiration behind Mr. Hagopian’s book. Fight the Law & Win lays out everything you and your loved ones need to know about the criminal defense process. It also clarifies the roles of those in the legal realm, especially those likely to be heavily involved with your case.
From prosecutors to judges, it is imperative that you gain familiarity with the people who can steer the direction of your case. Mr. Hagopian’s years of experience as a former prosecutor and now, a certified criminal Lawyer, deem him a trusted source for credible information regarding your case.

It is Mr. Hagopian’s mission for you or your loved to one day declare, “I fought the law, and I won.”

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